What our Customers say...

Water Damage Testimonials

Jess from SERVPRO of Spokane County was knowledgeable, helpful, honest, and very customer focused.  SERVPRO is a class act!  Thank you!

Everything has been really great. Very efficient personal service. Everyone has gone above and beyond to get things done quickly!

We really appreciate your service! Thanks!

Our Project Manager John is the most professional, knowledgeable contractor we have ever worked with and has made this whole process extremely easy.  Him and the SERVPRO crews have all been amazing.   

Great team that made me feel so much more comfortable after the mishandling of our water damage situation by the company originally sent by our insurance company.

This was a very stressful flood in my condo, and absolutely everyone has been very kind, helpful, and really great. Between the unbelievably quick response the night that it flooded and they drove a really long way on an icy night, then every other part of fixing all of the water damage. I felt very much taken care of, and I really appreciate everything.

"SERVPRO did a great job! Very professional - I would recommend SERVPRO to anyone!"

"Thank you to SERVPRO for making this awful experience, seem not so bad! I especially want to thank Ken, my project manager, for making this process as easy as possible for me! He’s been fantastic! I wouldn’t change a thing! You guys have been fantastic from beginning to end!  Thanks again SERVPRO team, you guys sure know your business!!!"

I called SERVPRO after discovering 2 inches of water in my basement! The pipe to the water softener had broken! They quickly went to work sucking up the water! Then pulled up carpet, then set up giant fans to dry the place out.... mold was a concern! They made sure all the pockets where moisture and mold might hang out were dry! I highly recommend them! Working with the insurance company could have been a pain ... it wasn’t because the guys from SERVPRO made sure everything was approved!!!


I highly recommend SERVPRO. They are a stand-up organization and have always taken good care of us. They have highly skilled workers and I've always been really pleased with their work.

The SERVPRO team came in like Superheroes! That trickle of water I heard at 3 a.m. turned out to be a burst pipe. Our home flooded. We were overwhelmed. Jason and his team of professionals jumped in and handled our family's crisis attentively, professionally and with a true respect toward our emotional state. We instantly felt a sense of relief and gratitude. They had a smile on their face and spring in their step. SERVPRO is the go-to company when you need help NOW.

I wanted to say thank you again for the ring you found the other day, while packing our home while it was being worked on. Everyone in the family has been looking for the ring since my mother passed away a few years ago. Thanks again!!

They went above and beyond. They were great! Thank you to the SERVPRO team, they were awesome workers. They were respectful, professional and quiet. They made the difference in every way and made it so much better. I couldn't praise them all enough.

I'm so happy I chose your company. The staff were all incredible people. The work is excellent. Kudo's to all the nice people. I definitely will recommend your company to anyone and everybody. Thank you so much.